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Operation Stitches exists because of people like you. Help us make an impact on the precious lives of these children and their families. As a registered charity (Ref: 900 420 655), all gifts of AU$2.00 and over are 100% tax deductible. Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office for rulings on giving.

Ways to donate to Operation Stitches:        ABN 61 369 943 634  


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Patrick & Chris Templeton





Founders and directors Patrick and Chris Templeton began Operation Stitches in 1996 with a passion to make a difference among the disadvantaged  public housing families in Collingwood - inner-city suburb of Melbourne. Operation Stitches is a non-profit community charity organisation registered as a Public Benevolent Institution with its mission of helping young people make right choices to bring about positive change. Its target are those who grow up within a low socio-economic family status and are disadvantaged by their environment on these inner-city housing estates with social marginalisation, suicide, drug abuse and family and racial violence surrounding their lives on a daily basis

Operation Stitches is pro-active in preventing young persons become drug users or pushers, gang members and criminals of tomorrow. It is impacting the future of these young lives by constantly presenting positive life choices through various exciting educational coaching programs, personal skills and community activities


Operation Stitches program imparts core community life values and skills such as respect for self and others; law and order; self-discipline; honesty; good manners; love of family; forgiveness of others and honour of God and country.  This is all under-pined with an anti-drug, anti- violence, anti-crime emphasis - teaching the difference between right and wrong choices and the consequences of those choices while they are still young and impressionable

Operation Stitches creates a fun and positive environment that teaches and reinforces the children to say "No" to life binding activities while they are still young and capable to set their life course to bring about a positive result. 

Operation Stitches invites children to join a "Kids Club" to give them a sense of belonging and mentor positive life choices These children receive mailings, birthday acknowledgments; taken on bus outings; given access to an email chat line; literacy tuition; home visited, and much more...

Operation Stitches also reaches out to the disadvantaged parents of these children who are often dealing with many personal challenges of their own. Our aim is to help and encourage them to face their future with hope and with purpose and assist in any practical means available







                                                                  Children are our future...this is our city...our kids!



Operation Stitches team is led by founders & directors Patrick & Chris Templeton The other team members comprise of young volunteers who love kids and have a heart to make a difference with the disadvantaged by life's struggles and the environment they live in

Can you see yourself involved some way? If not physically then how about financially? If you are interested in being part of the answer then please contact us through this web site's contact page

           If not you then who? - If not now then when? If not here then where?





Operation Stitches touches the lives of Melbourne's inner-city public housing community. There are hundreds of beautiful families residing on these housing estates who receive very little help besides affordable housing. Many live in cramp conditions with large families in need of an outlet for their children to attend free out of school social services for them to grow and achieve in life. Many parents come from poor academic backgrounds which often limit them in coaching their children educationally themselves. Others have other personal struggles and in need of practical assistance a and encouragement

Operation Stitches reaches out to assist these families by offering free educational coaching and recreational outlet for their children 


Operation Stitches has been serving the local community for more than 24 years, giving us an understanding of their needs and gaining local community respect 


Operation Stitches was initially based in Richmond where many out of school life skill workshops and tutoring programs were held along with storage for various jumping castles and outdoor amusements used in community outreaches to Melbourne's public housing estate parks. This was a platform for community social inclusion and a voice for our underpinning message of "kids making positive life choices".

Operation Stitches was relocated in early 2017 focusing full time to Collingwood public housing estate's children and families whom we had formed a strong bond with over the previous years. These young people are given continual mentoring by dedicated team members through academic tuition and the value of making positive life choices while they are still young

Operation Stitches was given the use of Harmsworth Hall by DHHS as a new office base where we operate our programs to the Collingwood public housing community

We continue to grow as team members join our cause and finances are received

                                   THIS IS OUR CITY - THESE ARE OUR KIDS!

team photo 2019

team photo 2019







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Operation Stitches

Harmsworth Hall

31 Harmsworth Street


Victoria  3066

Mail: 3 Cranbrook Court

Doncaster VIC 3108

Phone 0415 950 115

ABN 61 369 943 634


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